Qualities of Quality (Intro)

I’ve had a few conversations recently both online and face to face about the role of Quality Assurance and what I think are some of the traits that will help you learn if this is a field for you, or if you are already in the field how to really get more out of it for yourself and your organization.

I had originally thought I would just send these out in a couple of short tweets but the more I worked on them, the more I realized I had more to say, so here we are in a short series of posts. I have been trying to come up with some clever and click-baity title like The “Five Essential Traits of Quality”, “The Qualities of Quality”, or the “ABCs of Decent Experience”, but haven’t decided on anything. If you have anything better, please let me know.

Also, just one other quick shout out here at the beginning – I recently read the book Show Your Work! (link to book on Goodreads) by Austin Kleon (follow him on Twitter) and that really inspired me to try and work through my perfectionism (especially when it comes to writing) and just start getting stuff out there. So if you love seeing the sausage being made, all credit goes to him, and if you hate it, lump it on me. The five qualities that I’ll be going into detail on over the next couple of weeks are: advocate for the customer, be organized, be curious, delight in what you do, and be egoless.

I hope you are as excited to see me fall on my face as I am!