Fitness Friday Update

Been super busy but wanted drop a quick update here. Fridays will be my fitness update day – mostly because it will be “better” than any day closer to the previous weekend.

I am going to be doing monthly challenges and updating them here. This month I am doing a marathon in a month. This is actually a repeat of something I did toward the end of last year with the Boys and Girls Club of Whittier so it is kind of cheating, but it is also good to help get my body used to moving again after the black hole of the holidays.

So far, two weeks into it, I am already at 17.2 miles so I feel pretty confident about completing this one. One thing that does suck is that I slipped on ice back in mid December and have had consistent pain and swelling since then. I rested it for a couple of weeks, and it was feeling a little bit better so I am just doing the exact wrong thing and powering through the pain. Not to fear, gentle reader, I have an appointment coming up.

Anyway, just a short update of the kind I hope to do going forward.