Just Checking In

Let me apologize in advance for this post that basically could have just a tweet, but I am super busy right now, even by my standard of normally busy. I am posting this because it is one of my intentions for the year to be more active in blogging, and less active in other social media and I have found over the past few days that I need to do one or the other. Mostly because I like the digital sound of my own voice I guess.

Anyway, big congrats to Darrick and Darlene on your wedding and making it work despite the challenges of our time including the closing of the venue for the reception, and torrential rain going along with all the normal stressful things associated with a wedding. We know that there will be many many happy years to come for you guys and we look forward to sharing it with you as family. On a personal note, thanks for giving me an event that is not a funeral to wear a suit to!

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.27.54 AM.png

Even in the time of Corona, love and faith both find ways to bring hope and community!

I will write more later this week – I have a few different things I want to write about, and hopefully will have time soon. On the nerd front, I got in a game against my game nemesis and good buddy Ryan, writing is going well as I am finishing up work on book 3 of the Dying of the Dark vampire series, as well as some very small art updates.

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