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One of my other Lenten observances is to learn and pray different litanies. I have been just writing them in my bullet journal (for all two days of Lent) but it occurred to me that some others might find comfort in the structure. At its most basic definition, according to the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) is “a litany, which, in its original Greek means a “supplication” or “petition,” was used for a wide range of liturgical occasions, as well as for penitential processions, for visiting the sick and the dying, and for private devotion.” I should also note that there are only six litanies approved for public use by the Catholic Church, however, they are typically not condemned for private prayer. The intent in posting these here are to aid in private prayer. For those wondering, Pope Clement VIII forbade them by decree of the Inquisition in 1601 in order to prevent them from being abused and dividing the church. My opinion also is that one must take care that recitation of litanies (like all prayer) doesn’t become vanity as that is a very real danger of just saying the words without the spirit.

Okay, so that takes care of the background and what it is. The first one that really blew my mind and opened my heart came courtesy of Father Josh Johnson from the podcast Ask Father Josh and is the Litany of Humility. For bonus points replace the word “others” with the name of a person you are envious of or dislike. This is a really hard prayer for me, because I have been rightfully called both condescending and arrogant. Anyway, here you go. I am not sure if I will post all of them as I go, or just occasionally, or not at all after this one.

Litany of Humility
Litany of Humility

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